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Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg – 120 Capsules

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Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg

Upgrade your well-being with Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg, a daily supplement harnessing the legendary power of Himalayan Shilajit. This natural, mineral-rich extract boasts a rich history in Ayurveda, revered for its ability to revitalize the body and promote overall health.

Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg features PrimaVie®, a premium, clinically tested form of Shilajit. Packed with fulvic acid, this potent formula delivers a multitude of benefits specifically tailored to men’s health.

Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg price in Bangladesh

Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg price is 5190 Taka in Bangladesh at orpa.com.bd.


PrimaVie Shilajit Extract (500mg): This patented form of Shilajit is clinically tested and ensures consistent quality and potency.


  • Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels: Shilajit may help maintain healthy testosterone levels within the normal range, which can be crucial for energy, libido, and muscle mass.

  • Boosts Energy and Stamina: Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg may help promote cellular energy production, potentially leading to increased stamina and endurance.

  • Supports Stress Management: This supplement may help the body adapt to stress more effectively, promoting overall well-being.

  • Promotes Men’s Health: Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg may contribute to a healthy reproductive system and support overall male health.

How to Use

Take one capsule daily with water. Ideally, consume it on an empty stomach, at least 15 minutes before breakfast or 2 hours after a meal for optimal absorption.


Q: Is Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg safe for everyone?

A: While generally well-tolerated, it’s recommended to consult a doctor before use if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications.

Q: How long does it take to see results with Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg?

A: Individual results may vary. Some users experience positive effects within a few weeks, while others may take longer. Consistency is key for optimal results.

Q: Can I take Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg with other supplements?

A: It’s advisable to consult a doctor before combining this supplement with others, especially medications.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg?

A: Side effects are rare, but some users may experience mild digestive discomfort. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.

Q: Is Youtheory Men’s Shilajit 500mg vegetarian?

A: Yes, the capsules are vegetarian and made with hypromellose derived from plants.

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