WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil – 200ml

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WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is a natural, multi-purpose oil perfect for both hair and skin care. Extracted from premium quality almonds using a cold-pressing method, this oil retains its beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Unlike chemically processed oils, WishCare’s Sweet Almond Oil is free from artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

This lightweight oil is easily absorbed and provides deep nourishment. It’s rich in Vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties that help fight free radical damage and promote a youthful appearance. Sweet almond oil also contains essential fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid, which help hydrate, soften, and improve skin elasticity.

WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil price in Bangladesh

WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil price in Bangladesh is 1240 taka at


100% Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil


  • Moisturizes Skin: Sweet almond oil is a natural emollient that hydrates and softens dry, flaky skin. It can be used on the face, body, and even cuticles.
  • Improves Skin Tone and Texture: Regular use of sweet almond oil can help even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and promote a smoother texture.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging: The antioxidant properties of vitamin E help fight free radicals that contribute to wrinkles and fine lines. Sweet almond oil can also help improve skin elasticity for a firmer, more youthful appearance.
  • Nourishes Hair: This oil is a natural conditioner that deeply nourishes dry, brittle hair. It helps tame frizz, add shine, and promote hair growth.
  • Soothes Eczema and Psoriasis: The anti-inflammatory properties of sweet almond oil can help soothe irritation and itching caused by eczema and psoriasis.

How to Use

  • For Skin: Apply a few drops of WishCare Sweet Almond Oil directly to your face and body after cleansing. Massage gently into the skin until absorbed. You can also add a few drops to your moisturizer or face mask for an extra boost of hydration.
  • For Hair: Massage a few drops of oil into your scalp and hair before shampooing for deep conditioning. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner by applying a small amount to the ends of your hair after showering.


Q: Is WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil organic?

A: While WishCare does not specify if their almond oil is certified organic, they do emphasize it is made from premium quality almonds.

Q: Can I use almond oil to remove eye makeup?

A: Yes, almond oil is a gentle and effective natural makeup remover. However, it’s important to perform a patch test first to ensure it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

Q: Does almond oil help with acne?

A: Although almond oil is non-comedogenic, it may not be suitable for all acne-prone skin. If you have concerns, consult a dermatologist before using it on your face.

Q: How long does almond oil typically last?

A: When stored properly in a cool, dark place, unopened almond oil can last up to a year. Once opened, it’s best to use it within 6 months.

Q: Can I ingest WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil?

A: No, WishCare’s almond oil is for topical use only. If you’re looking for almond oil for culinary purposes, look for a product labeled “food-grade.”

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