WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm

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WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm

WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm is your one-stop solution for healthy, beautiful lips.

This unique formula combines the fortifying power of ceramides with the brightening benefits of niacinamide and kojic acid, all while offering broad-spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ protection.

Whether you’re battling dryness, seeking sun protection, or menging for a subtle hint of color, WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm has you covered.

WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm price in Bangladesh

WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm price in Bangladesh is 740 taka at


  • Ceramides: These natural lipids help strengthen the skin’s barrier, locking in moisture and preventing dryness.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Known for its brightening properties, niacinamide can help reduce hyperpigmentation and even out lip tone.
  • Kojic Acid: A natural lightening agent, kojic acid gently works to address dark spots and discoloration on the lips.
  • Natural Butters: Shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter (depending on the variation) provide deep hydration and nourishment, leaving lips feeling soft and supple.
  • SPF 50 PA+++ Filters: These broad-spectrum filters shield your lips from harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn and premature aging.


  • Intense Hydration: WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm effectively combats dryness and chapping, leaving your lips feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable all day long.
  • Sun Protection: With SPF 50 PA+++ protection, this lip balm safeguards your lips from the damaging effects of the sun, preventing sunburn and hyperpigmentation.
  • Lip Lightening: The combination of niacinamide and kojic acid helps address dark spots and discoloration, promoting a more even and natural-looking lip tone (tinted version only).
  • Long-lasting Moisture: The rich and creamy formula provides long-lasting hydration, ensuring your lips stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Lightweight and Non-Greasy: The lip balm absorbs quickly, leaving a non-greasy feel and a subtle, pleasant scent. (Scent may vary depending on the variation)

How to Use

Apply WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm liberally to your lips as often as needed, particularly throughout the day and before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours for optimal sun protection.


Q: Can I apply WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm daily?

A: Absolutely! This lip balm is gentle enough for daily use and can be applied as needed to keep your lips hydrated and protected.

Q: How does this lip balm protect from UV rays?

A: WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm with SPF 50 offers broad-spectrum protection. This means it shields your lips from both UVA rays, which penetrate deep into the skin, and UVB rays, which cause sunburn.

Q: Will this lip balm help with my dry, chapped lips?

A: WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm is formulated specifically to address dryness and chapping. The combination of ceramides and natural butters provides deep hydration and helps restore your lips’ natural moisture barrier.

Q: Does the tinted version leave a strong color on my lips?

A: No, the tinted version offers a sheer wash of color that enhances your natural lip tone. The pigment is subtle and buildable, allowing you to customize the intensity to your preference.

Q: What are the different variations of WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm available?

A: WishCare Ceramide Lip Balm comes in two variations: untinted and tinted. The untinted version is ideal for those who prefer a natural look, while the tinted version offers a touch of color and helps address hyperpigmentation.

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