USTRAA Hair Cream for men 100g

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USTRAA Hair Cream for men

USTRAA Hair Cream is specially formulated to provide nourishment and comfort to men’s hair. Formulated with various oils, USTRAA Hair Cream contains wheatgerm oil, olive oil, wild-crafted flax oil and almond oil. The presence of these essential fatty acids in USTRAA Hair Cream makes it an ideal solution for nourishing, conditioning and grooming hair.

With the use of this hair cream for men, you will be able to provide your hair with the nourishment it requires and keep it healthy and strong. The hair cream also helps to reduce fatigue in the scalp, providing you with a more comfortable experience.

The hair cream also comes with a fragrance that stimulates the senses and helps you feel rejuvenated.

USTRAA Hair Cream for men price in Bangladesh

USTRAA Hair Cream for men price in Bangladesh is 590 taka.

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