USTRAA Face Scrub for de-Tan 100g

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USTRAA Face Scrub for de-Tan

Ustraa face scrub is the first face scrub formulated by a dermatologist to cleanse, scrub and exfoliate your skin. This is a must have for men who spend a lot of time outdoors or are engaged in physical activity.

Our facial skin is under constant external damage, pollution, UV rays, etc. and we need to use a face scrub to cleanse and scrub the pores of our skin. Exfoliation of the skin helps repair damaged skin cells and results in brighter, glowing and healthy skin.

Ustraa face scrub contains granules of brown sugar that gently exfoliate and scrub the pores of your skin. The granules also break down the oil and dirt that clogs the pores. The scrub also contains kokum butter that hydrates your skin and nourishes it.

This face scrub for men also contains menthol that leaves a cooling sensation on your skin.

USTRAA Face Scrub for de-Tan price in Bangladesh

USTRAA Face Scrub for de-Tan price in Bangladesh is 640 taka.


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