Morr Pro Hair Serum 60ml

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Morr Pro Hair Serum

Morr Pro hair serum is an intense treatment for thinning hair and great for strengthening, thickening & revitalizing hair.

It is formulated with Procapil, a clinically proven agent that helps in reducing DHT production, thereby increasing hair growth. Procapil is an advanced hair growth stimulator that helps in preventing hair loss by strengthening the hair roots and delaying hair growth to its natural progression.

Procapil also helps in improving the follicle keratinocyte quality and stimulates the production of hair anchoring molecules, thereby improving the hair`s root anchorage and increasing the rate of hair growth. Likewise, Procapil helps to increase the number of hair shafts, thereby thickening the hair.

Procapil helps in improving the blood supply within the hair bulb which helps in producing new and thicker hair.

Morr Pro Hair Serum price in Bangladesh

Morr Pro Hair Serum price in Bangladesh is 1490 taka.


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