Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask – 50g

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Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask

Unveil your skin’s natural radiance with Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask. This deeply exfoliating mask is a powerful tool for achieving a brighter, smoother, and more even-toned complexion.

Fortified with a unique blend of ingredients, this mask effectively removes dullness and promotes cell turnover. The star ingredient, 5% Glycolic Acid, gently yet effectively penetrates your pores, dissolving dead skin cells and encouraging the growth of new ones. This results in a visibly smoother and more radiant appearance.

But Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask doesn’t stop there. Kaolin Clay, a natural detoxifier, acts like a magnet, drawing out excess oil and impurities from your skin. This helps to minimize the appearance of pores and prevent future breakouts.

To soothe and rebalance your skin after exfoliation, the mask is infused with calming Gulab Extract (Rose Water). This gentle ingredient hydrates and plumps the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask price in Bangladesh

Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask price is 990 Taka in Bangladesh at


  • 5% Glycolic Acid: This alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) gently loosens and removes dead skin cells, promoting smoother, brighter skin.
  • Gulab Extract (Rose Water): Known for its soothing and hydrating properties, Gulab extract calms irritation and replenishes moisture, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Kaolin Clay: This gentle clay acts as a magnet, drawing out impurities and excess oil from your pores, resulting in a detoxified and clearer complexion.


  • Deep Exfoliation: Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask effectively removes dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more radiant texture.
  • Even Skin Tone: By eliminating dull, uneven surface layers, this mask helps promote a brighter, more even-toned appearance.
  • Detoxification: Kaolin clay draws out impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Hydration: Gulab extract provides a soothing dose of hydration, ensuring your skin feels comfortable and balanced even after exfoliation.

How to Use

  1. Cleanse your face and pat it dry.
  2. Apply a generous, even layer of the mask to your face, avoiding the eye and lip areas.
  3. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, allowing the ingredients to work their magic.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

For optimal results, use this mask 1-2 times per week. Always follow with a moisturizer to replenish hydration.


Q: What skin type is this mask suitable for?

A: Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask is ideal for normal, oily, and combination skin types. Those with sensitive skin should perform a patch test before applying the mask to their entire face.

Q: Can I use this mask every day?

A: No, due to the exfoliating nature of glycolic acid, it’s recommended to use this mask 1-2 times per week. Over-exfoliation can irritate your skin.

Q: Will this mask help with acne?

A: While this mask can help remove dead skin cells that can contribute to breakouts, it’s not specifically formulated for acne treatment. For acne-prone skin, consider consulting a dermatologist.

Q: Can I use this mask with other exfoliating products?

A: It’s best to avoid combining this mask with other exfoliating products or treatments as it can over-exfoliate your skin.

Q: Is this mask safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

A: It’s always recommended to consult your doctor before using any new skincare products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: Where can I buy Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask?

A: You can purchase this mask from website.

Q: How long will this mask last?

A: With regular use (1-2 times per week), a 50g tub of Dr. Sheth’s Gulab & Glycolic Acid Face Mask should last several weeks.

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