DR. BO Thyroid Support – 60 Capsules

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DR. BO Thyroid Support

Feeling sluggish, tired, and lacking motivation? DR. BO Thyroid Support is a natural supplement designed to help you regain your energy and wellbeing.

This powerful formula combines essential nutrients to support healthy thyroid function, the gland responsible for regulating metabolism, mood, and energy levels.

DR. BO Thyroid Support is not a magic bullet, but a partner in your wellness journey. By providing key nutrients, it can help your body optimize thyroid hormone production, potentially leading to a range of benefits.

DR. BO Thyroid Support price in Bangladesh

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  • L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that serves as a building block for thyroid hormones.
  • Selenium: A mineral crucial for the conversion of T4 (inactive) to T3 (active) thyroid hormone.
  • Iodine: An essential mineral necessary for thyroid hormone production.
  • Zinc: Supports healthy thyroid function and hormone regulation.
  • Bladderwrack & Kelp: Seaweeds rich in iodine and other minerals that support thyroid health.
  • Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb that helps manage stress, which can impact thyroid function.
  • Vitamin B12: Contributes to energy production and can improve mood and cognitive function.
  • Magnesium & Copper: Minerals that play a role in thyroid hormone production and metabolism.
  • Schisandra: An herb with adaptogenic properties that may help improve energy levels and reduce fatigue.


  • Enhanced Energy & Metabolism: Supports healthy thyroid function, which can lead to increased energy levels and improved metabolic rate.
  • Improved Mood & Focus: By promoting balanced hormone production, DR. BO Thyroid Support can help combat fatigue, improve mood, and enhance cognitive function.
  • Weight Management: Adequate thyroid hormone levels can contribute to healthy weight management by supporting a healthy metabolism.
  • Overall Well-being: DR.BO Thyroid Support addresses a range of concerns associated with underactive thyroid function, promoting overall health and vitality.

How to Use

Adults take two capsules daily with water, preferably with a meal. Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a pre-existing medical condition.


Q: Is DR. BO Thyroid Support safe for everyone?

A: DR. BO Thyroid Support is formulated with natural ingredients but consult your doctor before use if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Q: How long does it take to see results with DR. BO Thyroid Support?

A: Individual results may vary. Some users experience positive changes within a few weeks, while others may take longer. It’s important to be consistent with daily use for optimal results.

Q: Can I take DR. BO Thyroid Support with medication for hypothyroidism?

A: It’s important to consult your doctor before taking any supplements alongside prescribed medications.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with DR. BO Thyroid Support?

A: DR. BO Thyroid Support is generally well-tolerated. However, discontinue use and consult your doctor if you experience any side effects.

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