COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches – 3 sizes)

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COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch is a hydrocolloid bandage that protects blemishes from outside irritation and contaminants to help reduce the appearance of redness.

The pimple patch is hypoallergenic and is made with a transparent film with a skin-friendly adhesive that protects the surrounding skin and allows the patch to adhere more easily to the area surrounding the blemish.

It helps to absorb excess oil and pore impurities while it dries out the blemish and helps to reduce its appearance. The clear patch blends in smoothly with your skin to ensure that your makeup will apply smoothly over it.

These pimple patches are pre-cut and ready to use, which saves you the step of having to cut the patches to fit around each blemish.

The pimple patches are designed to be worn overnight, so you can wear them while you sleep to ensure that they have time to work.

These patches work great for blemishes on the face, back, or neck. They are great for use on all skin types.

How To Use?

1. Clean the area around the problem spot.

2. The patch should be larger than the problem spot and should be attached to the spot.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Price in Bangladesh

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Price in Bangladesh is 290 taka only in

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